First Edition 258 - The "Saint's" Car Volvo P1800 - STOCKS LIMITED


Renowned for being Corgi’s first licensed product, this popular model was created to tie in with the ‘Saint’ TV show featuring future James Bond, Roger Moore. The P.1800 model had been first issued by Corgi in 1961, as number 228. Originally available in either red, beige or salmon pink, it was deleted in 1965 to make way for this new version.

With white paintwork to match the car seen on TV, a detailed red interior, the iconic ‘Saint’ logo on the bonnet and a miniature Simon Templar at the wheel – the character Roger Moore played in the show – it was an instant success. Nearly 1,160,000 were sold before it was deleted from the range in 1970. Later versions differed with a red ‘Saint’ bonnet sticker.

SizeLength: 92mm Width: 36mm Height: 28mm

Scale: 1:46

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Michael Singer
The Saint’s car

I was expecting a larger model of the Saint’s car. I thought the price was too high. Therefore I will not purchasing anymore models

Almon Tressler
Saint car

Very happy with the car!

Richard Douglas
Saints Be Praised

As a U.S. Corgi collector from the very beginning, I don’t recall ever seeing the Saint’s model in any stores here. But when I saw that it would be offered to collectors, I had to have it. It is, in every way, outstanding.

Kevin Brooks
The "Saint's" Car

I have enjoyed re-purchasing this Corgi model. Back in the 60's as a kid, I watched the TV series The Saint. I was given the original Corgi The Saint's Car which began my collection of 60's Corgi vehicle, as well as many other Corgi vehicles. I passed my Corgi collection down to my brothers who I thought would continue the collection but to no avail. The entire collection was lost. I was so happy when I came across the Corgi Model Club USA, so I can restart my long lost Corgi collections and of course starting with the replica of the Saint's Car. Volvo P1800. The replica took me back to the 60's when the original Corgi Saint's car was given to me, thank you for taken me back in time.

Anthony Bowden
Simon Templar would be Proud!

A blast from the past, and a must for fans of classic Spy/detective shows. An accurate replica of the original toy car produced in the 60s, a real pleasure for those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s and inherited the originals to play with... in their scratched, battered and "well played with" glory!
Now I have a pristine, intact, and glorious new one to sit in a place of honour on my desk, ever tempting me to reenact a car chase where the only way the Saint can escape is for me to push the car at full-speed toward the skirting boards!

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