437 - Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis


Featuring Corgi’s innovative ‘Trans-O-Lite’ battery operated lighting system, all four corner roof lights of this wonderful die-cast Cadillac Superior Ambulance model illuminate, as well as the main emergency beacon. The first issue of the model, from 1962, had an ingenious but erratic switch on the rear axle, simulating ‘flashing’ emergency lights when the model was pushed along the floor. A follow up version from 1966 omitted the temperamental axle switch but retained the clever ‘Trans-O-Lite’ system. This is the version we have chosen to replicate.It was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Corgi building on their ever-increasing reputation for die-cast models with a host of spectacular features. The Ambulance also includes Corgi’s famed ‘Glidamatic’ suspension, which along with the ‘Trans-O-Lite’ system is faithfully featured on our Corgi Model Club replica.The initial 1962 version was given a red livery, whereas this rarer 1966 version came in pale blue and white. The eagle-eyed will notice that the box features an illustration of the original red version because no pale blue drawing was ever created. In the interest of authenticity we’ve also replicated the wording on the original box flash proclaiming the flashing lights. Sadly, that’s something our model cannot simulate because the small ‘flashing’ bulbs that Corgi included in the 1960s models are no longer manufactured. We have however included a bulb with the model, which does faithfully illuminate the clever ‘Trans-O-Lite’ system. We have also modified the original's battery compartment to take a modern battery (not included).

SizeLength: 115mm Width: 40mm Height: 45mm

All our Corgi Toys replicas are authentic and faithful to the originals and come with their own numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Customer Reviews

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Felix Andino

437 - Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis

Happy with purchase. Hope to see the Chrysler Imperial convertible in red next!

Very nice reproduction. Would like to see more American models such as the Corvair, the Imperial and the Plymouth Wagon.

Mark Bowden
Corgi Cadillac Ambulance

One of my favorite Corgi cars as a child was this AWESOME Ambulance with it's "mesmerizing" flashing lights. I had the cream over red version and am partial to that one. I appreciate the efforts to replicate this iconic model as accurately as possible to the original to the point it has an incandescent bulb. I chose to color my models clear dome light red mainly for display purposes. Everything about this model is, save for the non flashing bulb (through no fault of yours), is as if it just came off the original assembly line. Thank you so much for the memories.

Anthony DeFranco
Superior Ambulance

Very nice model, but its box was damaged during transit. The shipping box used was very poor quality.

Jeffrey Silver
Oldie But Goodie!

Received the ambulance, and it is just as I remember it as a kid. I only wish the rooftop don’t like was red and not white but otherwise, it’s a nice model, especially if you collect ambulances, which I do.

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