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The Saint’s car

I was expecting a larger model of the Saint’s car. I thought the price was too high. Therefore I will not purchasing anymore models

Corgi Fan

Amazing how the current reproduction is actually of higher quality than vintage ones. Nice to have this Mustang back in the collection!

Corgi truck

Impressed wit the detail

Great replica.

I had one as a young boy.

245 - Buick Riviera
Albert Krumm

245 - Buick Riviera

245 - Buick Riviera
Arthur E Vallero
My Buick Riviera

As an owner of a classic 63 Riviera, I am always looking for anything related to my car.
I have many pictures and model cars and I particularly like the model car I purchased from Corgi Model Club USA!
Details on this model are great and I have two on a shelf with all my others.
The corgi model is almost the same color as my real car too!

Great Memories and Model!

As nice as I remembered it- and especially cool as I'm now an owner of a full size Mini.

Buick Riviera

Great reproduction
Proud to have in my collection

Beautiful recreation of the original

Flawless recreation of the original!

245 - Buick Riviera
George B Haughton

Love my Riviera!

My 1st Corgi Car Purchase

I wanted this model to be my first buy and was not disappointed. It is a beautifully designed classic exotic sports car. I am looking forward to purchasing your other models in the CORGI lineup.

The Corgi DeTomaso is more of a Time Machine than any Delorean.

It’s reminds me of going into a toy shop in the mid 70’s and looking at the Corgi display like they were precious works of art. The only difference is my father isn’t there telling me to save my allowance, my wife is…..

245 - Buick Riviera
Steven Olsen
Corgi Model Club Buick Riviera

This model reproduces the original Corgi Riviera perfectly! It exceeded my expectations! The casting is crisp and clean. The paint is flawless and I love the color! The reproduction box is great as well!

Corgi’s original Aston Martin DB5 is back!

I owned this bad boy in the mid-1960’s as a young kid and loved it. Over time it fell into real disrepair. FINALLY, I have replaced it, thanks to Corgi. Just stunning. Please bring back The Batmobile, The Man From Uncle’s Thrush-Buster and the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty. Keep up the great work!

The Blue Model As A Kid

The blue model of this fabulous Jaguar E Type 2+2 caught my eye inside the glass display case of my local toy store back in the day. I can't remember if I already was a fan of this Jaguar car model from seeing it on the streets or if this Corgi model was my first introduction to this amazing car design, but I knew I had to have it. So I asked my mom to buy it for me brand spanking new, and on the drive back home I opened the box and slid this beautifully crafted toy into my little hands and immediately started opening all the doors and bonnet. I couldn't believe the detail and that all the seats inside moved too! It was my first official Corgi toy car and I was instantly impressed, even as a boy. Fast forward too many years to admit and your Club had the brilliant idea to re-manufacture this model in RED along with the awesome box. So of course I bought one (how could I not?) to be a perfect companion to my original BLUE model along with the others in my "keepers" collection. Thank you! Keep up the great work; worth every penny!

Aston Martin DB5

As great as the one my grandfather gave me in the 1960’s!

Excellent buy

Excellent buy was amazed at the quality

245 - Buick Riviera
Robert Donovan

Love it

Saint car

Very happy with the car!

Superiority Of Corgi Models

The Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis is exceptional!! A living replica of the one I had growing up. Light system works great and looks absolutely perfect on display. Corgi has done an awesome job bringing these timeless classics back. Great job!!

Lotus Lover

Just an awesome replica, just wish it were a bit bigger!

Saints Be Praised

As a U.S. Corgi collector from the very beginning, I don’t recall ever seeing the Saint’s model in any stores here. But when I saw that it would be offered to collectors, I had to have it. It is, in every way, outstanding.

A real head-turner!

So, I bought the Saints Volvo on the website, and as my eyes moved towards closing the window, a car caught my eye... the Ford Thunderbird Open Sports!
I've a penchant for nostalgia (hence why I'm here) but I admired the sleek lines, the bright red chassis and the bow-tied driver and thought "Simon Templar needs someone to chase him!", I added it to the cart and here I am! Honestly though, the quality is superb, the weight is reassuringly heavy to indicate the robustness of the design and sprung suspension. It feels like the toy from the late 50s early 60s, and the nostalgia feeling is off the charts! The box is a great display base, and the figure removable should you want to just enjoy the vehicle for its own sake. I'm sold on these Corgi cars now, I just need to start making up display space!

The "Saint's" Car

I have enjoyed re-purchasing this Corgi model. Back in the 60's as a kid, I watched the TV series The Saint. I was given the original Corgi The Saint's Car which began my collection of 60's Corgi vehicle, as well as many other Corgi vehicles. I passed my Corgi collection down to my brothers who I thought would continue the collection but to no avail. The entire collection was lost. I was so happy when I came across the Corgi Model Club USA, so I can restart my long lost Corgi collections and of course starting with the replica of the Saint's Car. Volvo P1800. The replica took me back to the 60's when the original Corgi Saint's car was given to me, thank you for taken me back in time.