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490 VW Breakdown Truck

Very pleased with this item! I am happy to add this to my growing collection. Nicely detailed . One of favored additions to my collection.

Superb Re-Release!

This re-release of the VW Breakdown Truck #490 is just as
good as all the other Corgi Models in they're lineup, there's
great detail in quality, paint, & box with all the great art work.
Thanks for the great toys that take me back in time!

490 - Volkswagen Breakdown Truck

Vw.breakdown truck

Great casting. Just like the original that I had as a kid.

Paint blemish

Paint blemish/chip on the driver side door. Otherwise a very good reproduction but for $50 expected better QC.

Great old memories

Magic like when I had it in the 60's!

245 - Buick Riviera
Mark Sherman
My Dream Car

I have always loved the 1963 - 1965 Rivieras and having this blue beauty is a dream. So glad they decided to reproduce these and hope they release the other original light blue that was made.

VW Breakdown Truck is no breakdown

Nice detail. I don't have this one in my legacy collection, so I am glad to have one now. One suggestion: Could the tow hook stay in place so that a car could be towed?

Outstanding Model!

I have both the original version of this car as well as the Corgi Model Club. The CMC version is accurate to the original. The quality is absolutely outstanding. I am very grateful to CMC as acquiring an original with this kind of quality is extremely difficult. Absolutely will treasure this and probably won't try to race it again (like I did when it originally came out!).

All the little details!!

What a cool toy! The paint job is superb. Amazing quality.

256 VW 1200, E. African Safari

Very nice display box, Excellent model, fun Rhino figure too!

James Bond DB5

its a superb dinky to have in your collection

Love these always. Rapid delivery is impressive.

The Jim Clarke Lotus!

An excellent reproduction. I cherish it.

Awesome detail

245 - Buick Riviera
Maurizio Segatto
Black Beauty

Do you think you will make repro’s of the Green Hornet’s Black beauty or the Batmobile?

Works Just Like The One From The 60's

4.2 Litre Jaguar 'E' Type 2+2 - Excellent!

Very impressive reproduction. Excellent casting and paint. Well Done! One little concern is the internal "spring" metal piece that keeps the doors shut when closed . . . seems a bit weak and more tight on the left than on the right. We'll see how it does over time. The spring holds doors shut OK, but could be a little more tight. Other-wise, excellent!

Excellent Reproduction!

Very impressive reproduction of the Marcos 1800 G.T. . . . Essentially perfect.

BMC Mini Magnifique - Well Done

Superb reproduction. Design and manufacturing are spot-on, excellent. (Would like to see it in the metallic green too!) Thanks CMC!

Same as my old one

I love it same as my old one not taking it of box keeping it for grandson if I ever get one

Bentley Continental

Very satisfied with the detail, finish and quality of this model.



Awesome little breakdown truck!!

I have been wanting to add this beauty to my collection for decades! Like all models, the quality and level of detail is impressive, love the little shinny tools inside the gorgeous toolbox. Keep it up Corgi Model Club!!!

touch of class