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This is a classic! The workmanship is clean, precise and true to the original. Highly recommend.

Studebaker golden hawk

Great, looking car! Very happy to add to my collection of other Corgi cars!

Studebaker Hawk

Very nice car and box.

Dinky Thunderbird

A very well made quality model!

They Are Cool

I have a variety of different scale cars, so trying to find 'people' was going to be tricky. These are great, just like they are.

Here come the cops.

Realistic and beautifully detailed. Now how about 1963 Chevrolet Sting Ray?


A really beautiful addition to the collection! Well done!

358 - Oldsmobile HQ Staff Car


Actually owning a 1:1 MGBGT, I was curious about the Corgi so I ordered it. i appreciate the opening rear hatch and overall detail. i'm not impressed with the lack of detail regarding the chrome trim around the windows, wipers, door handles and trim along the body. My older Dinky MGBGT (same scale) includes the detailed trim that really makes that model a standout in my collection. I'll keep watching for better details in the future.


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This is an absolute Gorgeous Model , the actual Car is a fine piece of Motoring History .

Disappointed But Still …….

I have an original 1960s James Bond car. When I ordered it thinking a exact copy of the original I was more than excited. The size was very disappointing for the cost. While it is an exact copy of the 1960s original the small size killed my excitement. I hope that the company re-issues an exact copy of the 1960s version of this iconic car for all of us die- hard fans of 007 and this car!!

Hello William,

Thank you for your review.

I am so sorry to hear of your disappointment - please kindly email customer services at and they will gladly assist you with your query.

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Top Quality Corgi

Corgi’s high-quality re-issues continue with the Golden Hawk. Flawless paint in correct colors combine with good detail and proportions. So why only 4 stars? Sad to say, there’s a big mistake that’s been there for 50+ years. The Golden Hawk is a hardtop (no B pillar). This model is a coupe, the roof style used in the lower series Silver Hawk.They had a chance to correct that this time around with some minor mold tweaking. Still a fine, if incorrect model.

great models

just like the originals. love them.

327 - MGB GT
Krishna Draws
Fantastic model - carefully shipped and excellent in every way!

I recently re-discovered Corgi on a recent trip to Hemley's in London, UK. I was instantly drawn to the vintage packaging and picked up a few cars as souvenirs. They were beyond excellent - and of course, now I was looking to build up my Corgi collection.

I visited the Corgi website and signed up for the mailing list. Using the coupon, I purchased the MGB GT, as it reminds me in some ways of a Corgi model I had as a child (but have since lost): the Renault 16TS.

The MGB GT model was beautifully packed, with everything arriving stunningly intact. I was kept informed of its packing and shipment throughout the process. Thank you Corgi!

Receiving the car on my birthday was a wonderful surprise. The car itself is quite gorgeous - from the ruby red paint job to the wire-wheeled, rubber tires. I appreciate the great attention to detail on this model.

As a designer and illustrator, I really appreciate the care and attention in the classic packaging art, too. It's very faithful to the cars I remember receiving as a child.

I will most definitely order again - especially if you bring back the maroon colored Renault 16TS model, as it has a very special place in my heart.


Absolutely gorgeous.
It is exactly like the one I had oh so many years ago. Waiting for the grey and white 2 door Rolls Royce, and the Jeeps.
Keep up the great work.

323 - DS19 in Monte Carlo Trim
Carmen DiProspero III
Keep the Monte Carlo cars coming!

Love the display and detail! Looking forward the Monte Carlo trim of the Rover and Hillman Imp!

245 - Buick Riviera
George Phillips

245 - Buick Riviera

Love it but!

So sad to see it was made in China, my original from 1995, which I still have w/box was made in England.

Dinky set

Models look better then originals !.. just wish they weren’t made in China!…

Loving the Taxi!

This takes me back to my childhood days. Now produce the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray and I'll be in Corgi Heaven.

Another beauty!

This mini is super-detailed and exceptionally well done. A delightful model!

358 - Oldsmobile HQ Staff Car
John Patrick Morgan
HQ Staff Car

Incredible, had the original when I was a kid! Enjoying this on my shelf!

Nice Catalogue

A nice supplement to my new and growing Corgi car collection.

485 - BMC Mini Countryman

looks smooth

lookjs like lot of time put into design.