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DS19 in Monte Carlo Trim (323)
Juan Carlos Cruzado
Beautifully French!!

I never thought about it, but this is my very first French Corgi from the 60’s and I am so happy that it is now part of my collection. The baby powder blue paint job is superb and it goes so well with the tainted yellow interior and jewel spot lights!!

Chrysler Imperial (246)
Bruce Grabenkort
Mopar convertible

I welcomed the Chrysler Imperial to my collection. I had one as a child and it was well used. It’s nice to have a. Ew one to display.

Buick Riviera (245)
Griff Hughes
1964 Buick Riviera

Nice looking car. Not a fan of the trailer hitch.


Cars are exact duplicates of originals, can cancel at any time. Membership prices are great.


Another amazing Corgi Model, no doubt. One very small bone to pick, and it is a personal taste thing, doesn't detract from the superior quality of this car, not a fan of the eyes on the front the vehicle. Other than that, bellissimo!!

A worthy service.

Very pleased with this subscription service. Membership is well worth the price. Quality products with quality service.

Chrysler Imperial (246)
Juan Carlos Cruzado
Gorgeous little car!

The moment you receive your Chysler Imperial and hold the box in your hands for the first time you know you are in for a treat! The unmistakable weight that made Corgi’s so special is particularly noticeable in this beautiful model. I never owned the original (it was in my wish list as a kid), so I was very pleasantly surprised to find out the golf clubs are also die cast and not plastic.

Riviera and Bond DB5

I liked the cars and they display nicely!

Rover come on over!

I recall this model from years ago but never found one to purchase. Now I have one! Thank you!

The Saint Delivers!

Received my monthly Corgi and the Volvo P.1800 is an excellent example of Vintage Corgi style.

My childhood revived and restored!!!!

I was given the original Corgi James Bond's Aston Martin D.B.5 by my Uncle, who had treasured it. It was definitely "used" and missing accessories, but I loved it!! The opportunity to have one in perfect condition, an amazing replica, was too good to pass up!!! Thank you for this amazing piece of nostalgia!!!




Another Corgi triumph!! I used to see these big Citroen Saloons (not the rally-style of course) when I lived in Luxembourg City 1964-1968 as a boy. I had asthma as a child and underwent treatments during this time. Whenever I completed a treatment, the next day my mother would take me for a walk through this really cool park (it's still there based on Google Earth) and at the end of the park on its border was this toy store, and she would always let me get a Corgi car. Getting these Corgis is a time window for me. That time in Luxembourg were the halcyon days - Keep it up and thank you


I paid for 3 cars and they sent 3 catalogs


James Bond

What an amazing car all the gadgets work , the paint is beautiful, I’m very pleased with the car , thank you so much for bringing it back

Initial membership

So far I have received the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (pre membership) and the Buick Riviera. Excellent Quality, accuracy and satisfaction. One question I have is do members get a discount on pre release Batmobile?

038 - ROVER 2000 TC
William Bell
Faithful copy of original inside and out PLUS Golden Jacks

Beautifully reproduced inside and out, including the iconic Corgi Toys plastic viewing window box. Solid model. The true-to-life spare wheel-tyre container on the boot always makes me smile.

As always, excellent detailing and love the golf clubs, the only complaint came from the wife, wanted to know where the drivers wife’s clubs were, I told her if he’ smarter than me he left them at home😂.

New Bond

Looks and features of the original production model.
Great car, brings back old memories!!

I received my first two cars as a new club member and I was very impressed. The DB5 is amazing, especially with the box! I'm really looking forward to the Batmobile!

Always thrilled when a re issued Corgi Toy shows up in the mail. Quality and detail are tip notch. Every member of the CMC team I've encountered has been friendly and easy to deal with.

Cool car

The membership is well worth it. Cannot wait for my next car.