Chrysler Imperial (246)


In the Corgi range for just two years – between 1965 and 1967 – the Chrysler Imperial included a unique and ingenious ‘secret’ bonnet-opening mechanism. Operated by applying downwards pressure on the front axle, the bonnet opened just enough to enable it to be lifted.  However, this clever method of operation was bafflingly omitted from the box text, giving rise to many believing they had a faulty model!

This classic-era Corgi also featured opening doors, tilting seats, two figures (the female passenger being considerably smaller than the male driver) and a boot/trunk that lifted to reveal a set of golf clubs and caddy. Intriguingly, a variation of the Chrysler Imperial appeared in Corgi’s 1969 catalogue as a ‘Bermuda Taxi’. Given the Corgi number 507 this unusual variant was sadly never put into production.

SizeLength: 108mm Width: 41mm Height: 31mm

Scale: 1:52

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Upon opening the box I was reminded of the first time as a kid I held this in my hands. The figures were included but I remember there was a picnic basket instead of the golf clubs. It arrived in pristine condition. However upon opening the box I was surprised to see that the reissue is smaller in size than the original issued Imperial I had in 1967.

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