261 - James Bond's Aston Martin D.B.5


Arguably the most famous Corgi Toy ever produced, this feature packed model was rush-released just in time for 1965’s festive season. In only seven weeks Corgi sold three-quarters of a million of this marvellous model, causing stocks to completely run out by Christmas Day. Despite this huge number (it went on to sell just under four million!), fully-working mint condition examples in their original boxes are extremely rare and valuable today.

As to why the model was painted gold – unlike Bond’s silver DB5 in the movies – the story goes that Corgi bosses were concerned that the silver painted factory samples they were shown looked too much like 'base metal'. Any production delay would have meant the model not being in the shops in time for Christmas, so the quick decision was made to paint it in gold. The thinking was that gold would make the DB5 look more ‘special’ as a toy – a thought process no doubt influenced by the previous year's Bond movie, Goldfinger!A silver version, Corgi 270, was eventually released in 1968, which coincided with the original gold Corgi 261 being deleted. It hasn't been faithfully replicated until now, making our Corgi Model Club edition something very special, especially as it comes in a perfect facsimile of the original box and packaging, complete with the much sought after ‘secret instructions’, a 007 lapel sticker and that all-important spare ‘baddie’!

SizeLength: 102mm Width: 35mm Height: 28mm (40mm with open roof)

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Customer Reviews

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Superb reproduction

Chris Croce
Blown Away!!

Above and beyond cool! The car itself is a work of art not to mention the package design. Well done!!!


Great car from the past. Very well done and a great addition. To my collection.

Setting the record straight

I read a few reviews on the site complaining about the re-issue of model 261 being smaller than the original. Those individuals might not be aware that there were two James Bond DB5 models came out in the 1960s. 261 is the very first one that came out in 1965. A slightly bigger one in silver came out in 1968 as model 270. This one came with additional rotating license plate and tire slasher blades. A re-issue of the 270 came out in 1990s as 96655. There is also a gold-plated limited edition (96656). I am lucky to still have the original 261 from 1965 and I can confirm that the re-issue 261 by Corgi Model Club is virtually the same size as the original. In fact, I bought a re-issue of 261 from eBay and was disappointed to find out that it was based on the chassis of 96655 but in 261 gold paint. It has the bigger body and rotating number plates which the original 261 does not have. It also lacks the true wired wheels. Another reviewer complained about the poorer quality of the re-issue because they are made in China. I put it next to the Great Britain made original and I think the finishing of the re-issue copy is even better. In the attached photo, the one in the top is the bigger and not so exact copy by Corgi. The one in the middle is the version by Corgi Model Club, and the one in the bottom is the 1965 original. The only complain I have is that Corgi Model Club will only ship to the United States and Europe. As I live in Canada I was out of luck and made the mistake of ordering one through eBay and not knowing that there are two versions. I ended up having one shipped to a friend in the United States and had it brought to me.

Richard Crittenden

I have an original this Corgi model. It is in tired condition and not worth much but I still treasure it. I wanted one in new condition to place next to my vintage one.

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