256 - Volkswagen 1200 in East African Safari trim


Corgi’s first modelling of the iconic Beetle pulled out all the stops. Presented in deluxe packaging, complete with a plastic rhino charging the hapless rally car, the model went on to sell in numbers in excess of 760,000. Packed with features, it was given both an opening boot and bonnet, each lifting to reveal some impressive plastic detailing. Best of all, the model could be steered via a spare wheel mounted on the roof.

The look was completed by East African Rally stickers and decals. Launched in 1965, the model stayed in the Corgi range until 1968.Two years later, Corgi used the same casting for a police version (Corgi 492), which cleverly used the spare wheel’s hole in the roof for an emergency light.

Size: Length: 93mm Width: 40mm Height: 35mm

All our Corgi Toys replicas are authentic and faithful to the originals and come with their own numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert C
Nice Car!

Very happy with my purchase. Keep them coming!

Michael G
Excellent Corgi Toy VW East African Safari

I recently added the reissued VW East African Safari car to my Corgi Toy collection. What an
excellent addition. It is identical to my original 1960s model that I acquired in my childhood and still have. As is usual for Corgi cars, the detail on this 1:43 scale die cast VW Beetle is remarkable. Its features include an opening front hood, an opening rear trunk to reveal the engine, a spare tire on top used for steering and jeweled headlights. The reddish-orange color with safari decal on the hood and racing number on the doors are appealing. Quite an interesting element is the scale Rhinoceros added for presentation and just for fun. The vintage “box to fit”, as with the other reissued cars, is ideal. I absolutely love this model, and look forward to other reissued Corgi Toys to add to my collection. Thank you Corgi Model Club for reissuing these fine Corgi cars rekindling my childhood joy in collecting and for introducing these classic cars to new collectors! What a wonderful experience!

Allen R
Thanks for the Memories!

I grew up in East Africa in the 60's. The East African Safari was part of our life. My Brother and I had this and many other "Corgi's" that we played with incessantly.
Finding this particular replica, and the Corgi Model Club in general have brought back so many great memories of my childhood.
Thank You!!!

Sean Rayshel
Corgi is Back !!!

It was with much joy to give my dad a vintage repro Corgi to add to his vintage collection, he was very impressed with the attention to detail and quality, I predict my dad will get more Corgis in the near future

"Memories light the corner of my mind!!"

I have now eight of the Corgi classic reproductions. Yet again, this Volkswagen Beetle Safari with Rhino is so wonderful to finally have, fifty or so years later . I remember seeing it in the display of a department store and knowing I could get so few over much time as my families resources were so limited, so I chose some other Corgi models instead. Now i finally have this one and many others and their cost is so reasonable for the absolute accuracy the model and packaging. achieve. The memories these models elicit are priceless. and even at 61 years old make me feel so good! Pease keep making more and more, as they are absolutely therapeutic .

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