327 - MGB GT


A popular marque in both the UK and the USA during the 1960s and 70s, the Corgi range featured surprisingly few MGs. This MGB GT, produced between 1967 and 1969, is a notable exception.

With doors and a tailgate that opens to reveal a detailed interior with folding seats, the icing on the cake was a miniature suitcase in the boot – an item that is frequently missing from original examples. Whereas the suitcase came in either brown or black, the car itself was only available in red with a pale blue interior.

It was given wire wheels – a classic and desirable feature on actual MGs – yellow jewelled headlights, chrome front and rear bumpers and an accurately replicated MGB GT badge on the tailgate. The tooling was later utilised for Corgi 345 – a 6-cylinder MGC, which explains that model’s additional bonnet bulge!

Size: Length: 88mm Width: 37mm Height: 30mm

All our Corgi Toys replicas are authentic and faithful to the originals and come with their own numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Customer Reviews

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Actually owning a 1:1 MGBGT, I was curious about the Corgi so I ordered it. i appreciate the opening rear hatch and overall detail. i'm not impressed with the lack of detail regarding the chrome trim around the windows, wipers, door handles and trim along the body. My older Dinky MGBGT (same scale) includes the detailed trim that really makes that model a standout in my collection. I'll keep watching for better details in the future.


Thank you for your review.

I am so sorry to hear of your disappointment - please kindly email customer services at enquiries@corgimodelclubusa.com and they will gladly assist you with your query.

With kind regards
Corgi Model Club USA

Krishna Draws
Fantastic model - carefully shipped and excellent in every way!

I recently re-discovered Corgi on a recent trip to Hemley's in London, UK. I was instantly drawn to the vintage packaging and picked up a few cars as souvenirs. They were beyond excellent - and of course, now I was looking to build up my Corgi collection.

I visited the Corgi website and signed up for the mailing list. Using the coupon, I purchased the MGB GT, as it reminds me in some ways of a Corgi model I had as a child (but have since lost): the Renault 16TS.

The MGB GT model was beautifully packed, with everything arriving stunningly intact. I was kept informed of its packing and shipment throughout the process. Thank you Corgi!

Receiving the car on my birthday was a wonderful surprise. The car itself is quite gorgeous - from the ruby red paint job to the wire-wheeled, rubber tires. I appreciate the great attention to detail on this model.

As a designer and illustrator, I really appreciate the care and attention in the classic packaging art, too. It's very faithful to the cars I remember receiving as a child.

I will most definitely order again - especially if you bring back the maroon colored Renault 16TS model, as it has a very special place in my heart.

I love MGB-GT

When I was a senior in high school, this was the car I really fell in live with.

Neal Flowerman

Many times I corresponded with Corgi regarding a car I purchased that didn’t have the features I was led to believe in the advertisement on Facebook
Corgi did nothing but gaslight me

Hello Neal,

Thank you for your review.

I am so sorry to hear of your disappointment - please kindly email customer services at enquiries@corgimodelclubusa.com and they will gladly assist you with your query.

With kind regards
Corgi Model Club USA

Michael G
Corgi Toys 327 - MGB GT Great Find

I recently received the reissued MGB GT
for my growing Corgi collection. The detail and quality of the reissued 1:43 scale model are identical to and just as great as the original model I had as a kid in the 1960s and still have today. The opening doors and opening hatch revealing the removable brown suitcase add to the MGB GT’s appeal. The small but authentic MGB GT decal on the hatch door underscores the terrific attention to detail. This awesome Corgi brings back fond memories of my childhood and the fun I had collecting and playing with the best die-cast cars
manufactured. Looking forward to collecting
many more reissued Corgi classics.
Thanks Corgi Model Club for all the continued
fun and childhood memories!

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