271 - Ghia 5000 Mangusta with De Tomaso Chassis


As the 1960s morphed into the 1970s, Corgi continued to introduce innovative features, most notably on a selection of models featuring a removable chassis. The Italian Ghia 5000 Mangusta with a De Tomaso chassis was an ideal subject – Ghia famous for their streamlined bodies and De Tomaso for their engine and chassis combinations.

Launched into the Corgi range in 1969 with a stylish two-tone body, gold stripes on the bonnet and some beautifully detailed ‘magnesium’ style wheels, it certainly looked the part! In 1970, renumbered 203, it was revamped with Whizzwheels – no longer with a detachable chassis and in green paintwork – although the two-tone livery still appeared on the box illustration.

SizeLength: 100mm Width: 42mm Height: 25mm

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Customer Reviews

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Tobin Soo Hoo
My 1st Corgi Car Purchase

I wanted this model to be my first buy and was not disappointed. It is a beautifully designed classic exotic sports car. I am looking forward to purchasing your other models in the CORGI lineup.

Chris Dunbar
The Corgi DeTomaso is more of a Time Machine than any Delorean.

It’s reminds me of going into a toy shop in the mid 70’s and looking at the Corgi display like they were precious works of art. The only difference is my father isn’t there telling me to save my allowance, my wife is…..

Bazaz Victor
De Tomaso

Finally got it today and it was worth the wait!!! Love the details. One of my favorites growing up. Well done. Thank you

Michael Brennan

Great products, insufficient packaging. When mailing fragile collectables you need to pack them better.

Thomas Jackson
Some holiday nostalgia

I still have in my house the Corgi Mangusta with De Tomaso Chassis I got as a gift almost five full decades ago. It's not in great shape -- the antenna has long since broken off, the rubber tires are drying and cracking -- but the chassis is still removable, and I still consider it one of the coolest toy cars I ever had. My dad, who passed away in January, was a collector of die-cast miniature cars, passed that interest to me at a young age. I bought this new Ghia 5000 Mangusta because it fills me with the joy I had when I got the first one, and reminds me of why my dad and I were cut from the same cloth.

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