Porsche Carrera 6 (330)


Originally only available for two years – between 1967 and 1969 – this detailed Porsche Carrera 6 is typical of the high quality models Corgi produced during their ‘golden era’. Whereas it was only available in white, there were two versions, with either a red or blue bonnet and doors – the latter being much rarer. The tinted clear plastic in the rear section that hinges upwards to reveal a detailed chrome and black engine, was based on a similar feature on the actual car.

The red bonnet version utilised a deep blue plastic but for the blue bonnet model it was either yellow or pale blue. As was frustratingly typical for many Corgi’s of this period, the box art depicted a totally different colour car – in this case, green! Corgi later reissued the red bonnet version during the 1970s Whizzwheels era.

SizeLength: 98mm Width: 40mm Height: 23mm

All our Corgi Toys replicas are authentic and faithful to the originals and come with their own numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Customer Reviews

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Dean Conklin

Great Porsche Carrera 6! Love it!

Doug Cram
Now I have both!

I still have my original Porsche 906 in red white and blue from the 60's. The new release with the yellow rear window is identical quality-wise and completes my 906 pair.


Love the car!

Real step-up from Corgi Junior version

The Corgi Junior version of this was the original Corgi Club club car. I still have mine and it has always been one of my favorites. I never owned this much larger version as a child. The reason being I was primarily concentrating on all the TV/movie models that were for sale in those days. This new model is a perfect recreation of the original-wish I hadn't waited 50 years to buy it!

Matt Rivera

Love it but would really really really love the Batmobile!!!!!!!!!!!
Cmon guys my 007 is waiting

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