358 - Oldsmobile HQ Staff Car


Based on Corgi’s long-running Oldsmobile 88, the HQ Staff Car was one of a number of military- themed vehicles introduced into the Corgi range at the beginning of 1965.An attempt to breathe new life into previously issued models, the initiative was only partly successful, possibly because Corgi chose mainly British vehicles, inexplicably giving them incongruous US Army liveries.

The HQ Staff Car was the exception and is now regarded as one of the most collectible of all Corgi Oldsmobile 88s – due to its low sales at the time and therefore relative scarcity today. Despite being based on an early Corgi tooling (from 1962), it is a fine model in its own right and features a full complement of passengers – a driver and three other figures.

SizeLength: 105mm Width: 40mm Height: 25mm

I'd love to see what models are in the collection before I decide...

Customer Reviews

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Antonio Arias
Great staff car.

Received it opened it, loved it. Great addition to my collection.

Philip Poitier
Another Wonderful Model by CMCUSA!

I love being able to take these little walks down "Memory Lane" with childhood models I believed I'd never see again. Beautifully reproduced and packaged, they bring a smile to my face and plenty of fond memories everytime I look at them on my display shelves. Thanks Corgi Model Club, I'll be back for more!

Keith Johnson
The General has arrived!

Using on O-Scale layout, parked outside HQ on layout looks great.

John West

358 - Oldsmobile HQ Staff Car

Peter Joselow
where are the others?

need other HQ vehicles too

The most famous Monte Carlo Rally winner of all time – and the French tried to disqualify it!

Sounds familiar these days, doesn’t it?  But it really did happen - in 1966 to be precise. It sounds hard to believe, but the Mini was hot favourite to gain a hat-trick of victories – rally legends Mäkinen and Hopkirk each drove one, together with Rauno Aaltonen in a third Cooper.  And they thrilled fans when they finished first, second and third. But joy quickly turned to disbelief when, ALL three cars were disqualified.

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I'd love to see what models are in the collection before I decide...

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