419 - Ford Zephyr Police Motorway Patrol Car


Conjuring up the spirit of the popular UK TV show Z-Cars, this typically early-60s Corgi was produced until 1965. Interestingly, Ford didn’t actually make an estate version of the Zephyr, the model being based on an Abbott of Farnham bespoke conversion.

Launched in 1960, the model was also available in the Netherlands – the bonnet sticker replaced with one that read either ‘Politie’ or ‘Rijks Polite’. Detailing was excellent, with an aerial, blue emergency light, grille-mounted bell and loudspeaker, plus a red interior complete with moulded recovery tools. In 1962, the tooling was used again to produce a non- police estate (Corgi 424) in a rather fetching two-tone blue colour scheme.

SizeLength: 95mm Width: 36mm Height: 37mm

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Tomlinson
Patrol Car

This a Fabulous Model as all the Club Model's are !! The Quality is Top Notch , Absolutely Love them 😁

Michael Kratzer

Love this car

Calvin Harrje
Great Addition

Never had one of these growing up, nice job

Dick Williams
Earliest Corgi police model representing a real force

As a police car collector, the Zephyr Estate Motorway Patrol car was one I was waiting for, and it doesn't disappoint. (Well, I would have preferred an aerial that was thinner, as on the original model - of course that one broke off sometime in my childhood and I know this one was made more sturdy on purpose, but I don't play with my Corgis now!) I like this reissue of the later version of the original model as it has a larger blue light inside a clear dome (that was on the second Corgi release but I don't think it was prototypically accurate - the earlier, tiny blue light looks more like the few available photos of the real cars) and it has more realistic-looking dished hubs. You can compare this one to the first release in the photos, playworn as it is from my childhood. I was glad to see this particularly because it was the first Corgi or Dinky model to represent an actual in-service vehicle. I'm looking forward to the upcoming German Polizei VW Beetle.


419 - Ford Zephyr Police Motorway Patrol Car

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