474 - Musical Ford Thames Wall's Ice Cream Van


This much-loved ‘musical’ version of Corgi’s Wall’s Ford Thames Ice Cream Van was initially produced in October 1965. Given the model number 474, it was launched just six months after an earlier edition, number 447, which had omitted the iconic five note chimes. The additional production cost of including the musical movement resulted in 447’s child and ice cream seller figures not being included.

Instead, Corgi created a new box design, complete with an illustrative insert card depicting expectant ice cream buyers queuing for their Wall’s ice cream or lolly. Cuts in this card allow it to be slotted into the open window of the ice cream van model to create a mini diorama.

Size: Length: 105mm x Width: 36mm x Height: 48mm

All our Corgi Toys replicas are authentic and faithful to the originals and come with their own numbered certificate of authenticity.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Holt
Disappointed- music does not work -

The van is detailed nicely but the music does not work .

Bryan Pugsley

Awesome die cast just like when I had the original

Kevin M.
Great model

I’d recommend this one. Charming model, great detail, well-executed.

Stephanie Lesperance

very nice

Paul Maddams
Always wanted this one

The model looks good, but would rather have the non musical since the wind up only works when you turn it and does not make much music at all. I am disappointed all the replicas come from England, but are all tooled and made in China. Just does not make them worth the value, we are all mainly paying for shipping all over the world. I do love Corgi is still alive and well.

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your review.

I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed with the musical feature of the Corgi Ice Cream Van. I can confirm that this is correct and there is no fault here, it only plays a few notes just like the original 474 model.

We do hear what you’re saying about the desire to have Corgi Toys manufactured in the UK as they were ‘back in the day. Unfortunately, the stark fact is that the cost to the consumer would likely be four or five times higher, making the entire Corgi Model Club project unviable. We make no secret of where Corgi Model Club models are made – by Corgi, using their far east manufacturing facilities, and it clearly says ‘made in China’ on the base of the models. However, they are of extremely high quality, arguably better that the originals, if only because manufacturing techniques have developed somewhat in the last 50+ years. The country of origin has zero to do with quality, more to do with economics.

If you have any further queries, please contact us enquiries@corgimodelclubusa.com.

With kind regards
Corgi Model Club USA

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